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Dr.Sunil Dental Clinic Guarantee

Dr.Sunil Dental Clinic offers our customer with a guarantee for the best of dental treatment in Thailand!

Dental Crown / Bridges / Veneers

Guarantee: If any accident like broken or chipped Crown / Bridge / Veneer / Inlay / Onlay happens we will repair or replace in 1 years of time from the placement date with NO CHARGE.

Composite Fillings

Guarantee: If the fillings fails, we will replace or repair in 6 months of time from the date of placement.

Dental Implants

Guarantee: We will replace or repair the Implant or the crown on top Implant within 1 years of time.

  • Dental implant fees are not rebated or refunded
  • Despite having high success implant rates at our center, it is possible that osseointegration of the dental implant with jaw bone may not occur due to various reasons.
  • Should the first implant placement be unsuccessful, a second implant placement and operation will be performed by our implantologist at our center without charge. Patient has to pay 10000 THB (306 USD) as surgical charges.
  • Should a latter implant placement on the same site be required, implant surgery fees will occur.
  • To claim guarantee, any faults must be formally informed to our clinic with the photograph or X-ray to our email.
  • The one year guarantee will be voided if the dental implants are adjusted or modified by other dentists post treatment.
Please Note that - Patients have to make their own travel arrangements which means clinic will not offer any kind of travel expenses. Clini will only be responsible to redo the treatment under the guarantee period.

Dentures and Partial Plate

Guarantee: If the tooth breaks or chip under normal use we will repair or replace in 6 months of time.

Root Canal treatment

We are not liable for any unforeseen root canal treatment after having tooth/teeth prepared for crown & bridgework

Composite Veneers

Guarantee: If the Composite Veneers fails, we will replace or repair in 6 months of time from the date of placement.

Terms & Conditions

The above will not be applied in the below cases:

  • Injury caused by accidents or sports.
  • Dropping off the dentures.
  • If oral hygiene is neglected.
  • Within this period if you have any other dental problem like gum disease or any other illness which caused the breakage or chipped tooth, above guarantee does not apply.
  • If you cannot make your travel arrangements within the above period there is no guarantee will be vioded and NO MONEY REFUND POLICY.
  • Kindly inform us through an email or a phone call immediately if any problem occurs.
  • Once the color, shape and size of Crown/Veneer/Bridge is decided with the dentist before permanentely fixing it, after that there is no gurantee of replacement again.

Gurantee does not cover damage of dental works caused by or related to other dentists work done post treatrment. Dr.Sunil Dental Clinic does not take responsibility for prior or continual dental works done by other dentists. The gurantee will be voided if the dental works are adjusted or modified by other dentists post treatment.