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Tooth Whitening Bangkok
Tooth Whitening in Bangkok

Tooth Whitening Bangkok

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Current Offers

Teeth Cleaning 1800 THB
Laser Whitening 6800 THB
Zoom 2 Whitening 10500 THB


  • Our specialized doctor will do the check-up and advise the whitening procedure.
  • Complete mouth Cleaning and polishing (Additional cost of 1800THB).
  • Laser Whitening / Zoom II Whitening Duration = One and a half hours to finish the treatment.
Terms & Conditions:
  • Dental packages are subject to availability hence it is advised to get an early appointment reserved before you miss the opportunity.
  • In case of a room’s non-availability @ Dr. Sunil Apartment, we will place our patient’s in our other Branches.
  • Our Organization retains all privileges for the quality of the room type. Customer choices are subject to discussion during business hours.

Tooth Whitening Bangkok

Tooth Whitening Bangkok" is rising in popularity and is a standard procedure in general dentistry today. It is an excellent option for freeing those unsightly stains and making teeth look stunning. When you visit Dr. Sunil Dental Clinic, a skilled specialist can assess your candidacy for teeth whitening.

Tooth Whitening Bangkok

There are TWO main methods available which are:

  • In-Office Bleaching (Light-Accelerated Bleaching)
  • Home Bleaching (Tray and Gel Bleaching)

As a person ages, teeth often become darker due to changes in the mineral structure of the teeth. Teeth can become stained by bacterial pigments, and food, coffee, and Red wine can discolor the teeth.

Our Products:

1. In-Office Bleaching (Light-Accelerated Bleaching)

Our teeth(tooth whitening) often turn yellow, brown, or gray as we age, and those who have sensitive teeth may benefit most from in-office whitening that can be fully customized to your needs, followed by a fluoride treatment. This can be done using Cool blue light, Laser whitening, or Zoom II whitening. The purpose of using light is that the energy of the light enables the peroxide molecule (oxidizing agent) applied on the tooth surface to penetrate the enamel and break down stain deposits in the dentin.

The process generally takes about 1 hour. First, the Dental Specialist will do a general Cleaning and Polishing then a protective layer will be carefully painted on the gums and papilla (the tips of the gums between the teeth). Then the bleaching gel is applied gently on the teeth surface from pre-molar to pre-molar. We don’t apply bleach on the molars because it’s not visual when one smiles and doesn’t work well on a molar tooth. Laser, cool, or Zoom II laser light will be placed 10cm away from the jaw. The tooth whitening procedure takes only one hour. After checking your teeth and gums, a whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide is placed over your teeth. The low-heat Zoom! Light or Laser Light is shone on your teeth to activate and break down the hydrogen peroxide. As the hydrogen peroxide breaks down, it allows oxygen to enter your teeth and bleach the dentin and enamel.

With the expert experience at Dr. Sunil’s, one can never say how white will the whitening result be. Generally, it goes 4-6 shades better than your original shade; you can never get a white color like a Hollywood star from whitening. For a super white result, patients such as Crowns or Veneers must do their treatment. Tooth Whitening results stay 1-2 years depending on your daily behavior like smoking, drinking red wine, and colored food, which would gradually affect the treatment. Patients can get better results by doing home bleaching to maintain the color and bring the results 30% whiter.

Steps for In-Office Bleaching (Zoom II, Laser, Cool blue light)

  • Cleaning and polishing with of (Cost 1,800 Baht)
  • Impression of the top and bottom jaw (free of charge)
  • A protective layer (dam) apply to the gums
  • The thin layer of bleaching gel apply on the tooth surface
  • Laser light, Zoom II, Cool blue light machine is on for 4 cycles, each cycle is 15 minutes
  • Application of second-time call on the 3rd cycle
  • Clean and polish with fluoride on the tooth surface

2. Home Bleaching (Tray and Gel Bleaching)

At Dr. Sunil Dental Clinic, our bleaching gel is a registered license under Dr. Sunil. The gels have a 6% concentration of hydrogen peroxide and 3ml gels (per tube). Patients can order the bleaching tray immediately after the laser whitening. It takes around 15 minutes to make a customized bleaching tray for patients from our In-House lab. Patients can continue their bleaching until they get a good color.

Dr. Sunil Dental Clinic has 10 dental rooms equipped for Laser whitening and Zoom II or Cool Light whitening. Our team can treat many patients at one time. Bleaching gel has a life span of 2 years. Patients should keep the gel in the refrigerator for a better result and can always order online from our webpage.

Steps for Home Bleaching:

  • Brush your teeth, floss
  • Put a thin layer of gel on the front surface of the tray, top and bottom
  • Place the tray gently on top of both jaws for 15-30 minutes only
  • Rinse your mouth
  • Continue every day if possible till you get satisfied result
  • Do not sleep with a tray and gel in your mouth

Cool blue light, Laser light, and Zoom II doesn’t work well on the Tetracycline tooth, discolored Tetracycline tooth (very dark gray to brown). Dr. Sunil will recommend doing Veneers or Crowns.

Every patient’s whitening result is different. Patients should never compare each other and what they see in movies for movie stars. They are more of Veneers and Crowns. A brilliant smile leaves a lasting impression; we can provide you with the best results you’ve been waiting for.

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