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Crown Lengthening in thailand
Crown Lengthening

Crown Lengthening

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You must recognize the role that gums play in the overall appearance of the mouth. A tooth that appears short and square gives the look of a gummy smile that ages you. Removing excess gum tissue gingivectomy and reshaping the remaining gum tissue gingivoplasty are efficient ways to reveal more of your teeth.

As a result, short teeth appear longer, and your smile looks more balanced. The procedure takes less than an hour per arch. It is a very safe procedure; there are no stitches, rarely swelling, and the result is immediate.

Gums are reshaped for numerous reasons. Some patients have gums that have not receded after the permanent tooth erupts, while others have lips that allow many gums to show when a person smiles.

Gum Lift is usually only done on the front teeth as these are the most visible when a person smiles, mainly from Pre-Molar to Pre-Molar.

To begin, our specialists will administer local anesthesia, cutting and reshaping the gum line to make it more ever and visually appealing. The procedure is quick, and gums can be lowered or raised depending on the need.

Gum Lift is especially helpful when a patient is also getting other cosmetic dentistry work done. It is more visually appealing to have gums when Veneers are being applied; Follow-up visits are equally important to keep the beautiful smile too. Gum Lift can make a massive difference in the appearance giving the patient a gorgeous and winning smile.

Dental crown lengthening

There are many ways to fix Gummy Smile, depending on the severity of the case.

  • If the gums cover much of the area of the teeth, a simple surgery is performed to remove 1-2mm of the access gum to increase the length of the teeth. This treatment is a general procedure done by a cosmetic dentist in daily routine work to improve the smile line.
  • If the access gum covers much of the teeth and access bone and tissue covers the root area, the surgery is performed to remove 1-2mm of access gum. Bone grinding is done on the root's front surface by lifting the gum's whole area from Pre-Molar to Pre-Molar and leaving enough bone to cover the root. Gum is then stitched back, and the healing time will be 3-4 weeks to get a beautiful smile.
  • If the tooth is too long when smiling too much, the teeth are shown or too much gum receding from aggressive brushing, grinding, or periodontal disease, which leads to sensitivity to hot and cold liquid drinks. Gum recession can also occur by using a hard toothbrush. If patients already have gum recession, a soft toothbrush is recommended use.

First, the possible causes of gum recession must be dealt with to restore the gum line to its normal position. Proper brushing habits must be taught and learned. Bite guards should be worn consistently if clenching and grinding are habitual. These surgical procedures restore the gum line by doing a “connective tissue graft” by removing a thin piece of tissue from the patient’s palate. Then a tissue flap is made by extending from the recession site to the adjacent teeth. Then the gums are elevated or peeled away from the underly gum or bone. This will allow a space in the gum where the graft is stitched.

The disadvantage of this procedure is moderate pain from the palatal wound where the graft is taken out for 3-4 weeks and the graft tissue may not match the surrounding tissue.

Follow-up is essential in this kind of treatment, and the most crucial part is to change the brushing behavior; otherwise, the gums will recede again.

  • For severe cases of a gummy smile and excess bone plus the upper jaw too long or with the lower jaw to protrude.

This is a very severe case. Major surgery and extended follow-up will be required with the team of surgeons, Orthodontics, Cosmetic dentists, and Periodontitis.

Maxillary Osteotomy Surgery will be advised in these cases. The jaw can move upward, and the final position of the maxilla in the vertical plane is determined by the amount of upper incisor tooth visible below the upper lip at rest when smiling.

Lefort 1 Osteotomy involves separating the maxilla and the palate from the skull above the roots of the upper teeth through an incision of the upper lip. The maxilla is fixed in the new position with titanium screws and plates.

The surgery will take about 2-4 hours under general anesthesia, and the patient must be admitted to the hospital for at least five days. The operation is frequently carried out with the Sagittal mandibular split osteotomy.

Bimaxillary Osteotomus takes around 5 hours to complete. Cosmetic improvement is starting for those individuals requiring these procedures, and proper planning is the critical success for the outcome.


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