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The goal of Orthodontic treatment is to obtain a beautiful smile and a good bite, meaning straight teeth that mesh well with the teeth in the opposite jaw and look great. A good bite makes it easier for Patients to bite, chew and speak. Many people find a beautiful smile adds to thereself-esteem. Orthodontics also includes treating and controlling various aspects of facial growth and the shape and development of the jaw.

Orthodontics also includes cosmetic dentistry; when the patients aim is to improve his/her appearance. A good time to start the treatment is about 12 or 13 years old. When the adult teeth have come through and developed fully, there is no age limit of orthodontic treatment. A beautiful smile and a good alignment tooth is what everyone wants nowadays.

Types of Braces:

  • Metal Braces
  • Ceramic Braces with one single wire
  • Lingual Braces
  • Invisalign
  • Metal Braces:
  • Metal braces are the best option for straightening patient’s teeth. At Dr. Sunil Dental Clinic, the modern brackets and wires are smaller and less noticeable than the notorious “metal-mouth” braces in the past.

    Pros:Least expensive, type colored bands give kids a chance to express themselves.

    Cons: Most noticeable type of braces.

  • Ceramic Braces:
  • Ceramic braces are the same size and shape as metal braces, except they have tooth-colored or clear brackets that blend into the teeth. Some even use tooth-colored wires tube even less noticeable.

    Pros:less noticeable than metal braces; move teeth much faster than clear plastic aligner (Invisalign).

    Cons:little more expensive than metal braces; brackets can stain easily if patients don’t look after them well.

  • Lingual Braces:
  • Lingual braces are the same as traditional metal braces, expect the brackets and wire are placed on the inside of the teeth. Often used for Elderly patient, CEO, Airline crew, where patients don’t want to let anybody know that they are getting braces done. From Dr. Sunil’s experience, lingual braces are very uncomfortable compared to other types of braces because the tongue will be pushing and playing with the braces, all the type of speech problems might happen in the beginning. In conclusion, if the case is not major, Dr. Sunil Dental Clinic will prefer to recommend invisalign treatment.

    Pros:Invisible from outside.

    Cons:difficult to clean, more expensive, not appropriate for severe cases, many complications, can be more uncomfortable. At first, regular adjustments take longer and are more difficult than with traditional braces. Treatment period is quite long.

  • Invisalign:
  • Invisalign consists of a series of 16-30 custom-made, mouth guard-like clear plastic aligners. The aligners are made removable and are placed every 2 weeks.

    Pros:almost invisible; patient can eat and drink whatever they want.

    Cons:will not work for serious dental problem. Good for adults like CEO, Airline crew, Movie stars.

    From Dr. Sunil’s experience about braces, Metal braces are the best option and most reasonable. Ceramic braces are more for cosmetic reason but still can correct difficult cases compared to Invisalign. Invisalign patient can have a look of VDO before the treatment starts about the outcome so patients can decide before paying the treatment fees and patient don’t have to come for regular tightening like other types of Braces.
    Before starting any types of Braces, all cavities should be fixed before. Impacted Teeth (wisdom tooth) to be removed or not depends on the specialist that the Impacted teeth will affect the treatment or not.
    In many cases, extraction of 2-4 Premolar teeth will be required because Orthodontic treatment means to realign the tooth. To realign the tooth, we need space. Many patient get panic why Doctor has to extract a good tooth but ones when the specialized doctor explain the reason and the outcome, every patient will understand.
    Orthodontic treatment generally takes about 2-3 years. After the treatment is done, patients have to wear retainer for another 6 months to 2 years because once when the tooth is moved, retainer will stabilize the root until the jawbone accepts the new position. If patient loses the retainer, please contact the clinic immediately to get a new one to avoid teeth to move back to old position.

Payment Terms:

Metal Braces, Ceramic Braces (60,000-80,000 Baht or $1,875-$2,500)

  • 2 x-rayCleaning (1,000x2=2,000 Baht or $63)
  • Mold (1,500 Baht or $47)
  • 1stMonth: Insert top brackets (20,000 Baht or $625)
  • 2ndMonth: Insert lower brackets (20,000 Baht or $625)
  • 3rdMonth: Pay every month 2,000-4,000 baht or $63-$125) until the treatment finishes . Price can vary depending on the type of braces.

Extraction, filling, cleaning are separate charges; all the charges will be explained before the treatment starts.

Orthodontics Dental Clinic

Invisalign Fees:

  • 2 x-ray (1,000x2=2,000 Baht or $63)
  • Mold (3,000 Baht or $94)

Once when VDO is confirmed by the patient. The full payment of 160,000 Baht or $5,000) will be paid in advance to order the full set aligner.

** For our International Patients who does not live in Thailand and are interested in getting braces in Thailand is recommended to do Invisalign aligner as patients don’t have to come for tighten the wire every month.
From Dr.Sunil point of view it is not recommended to do any other kind of braces (which require adjustments every month) to be done overseas as you cannot continue the treatment back in your country.
Best advisable braces to be done overseas will be Invisalign aligners.

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