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In Dr.Sunil Dental International Centre the sterilization is all about safety of our patients and Dr.Sunil team. Your safety is a foremost significance for us and we strictly adhere to our high standards of sterilization and hygiene. The process of sterilization is constantly subjected to control, monitoring, both internally and externallyavailable for your health and safety. Dental instruments and devices necessitate sterilization or high-level disinfection. Disinfection may be high level, intermediate level or low level. The level of disinfection requirement is governed by the anticipated use of the item, specifically in a ‘non-critical’, ‘semi-critical’ or ‘critical.’


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  • Every hand piece used by our specialist gets autoclaved.
  • The dental unit and pipe lines get cleaned by special disinfectant solution in every case.
  • The infected garbage is kept separate and disposed by Thailand health care department.
  • Our needles and surgical blades are single used and get disposed in a cemented container and taken over by Thailand health care department.
  • Daily instrument gets autoclaved followed by the seal and has a shelf life keeping the ISO standards. If the instrument is not used within the time frame it gets re-autoclaved followed by the seal in order to keep the patient and Dr.Sunil staff in control of safety reasons.

At Dr. Sunil Dental Clinic Instruments are classified into three categories:

  • Critical Instruments:

    They are instruments used to penetrate tissue and bone or contact with bloodstream; Instruments, such as, forceps, scalpels, and surgical burs are therefore sterilized by autoclave system. In autoclaving, instruments (which are first cleaned, dried, and placed in a special steam-penetrable wrap), are subjected to pressurized steam for 15 to 20 minutes. The instruments are then left in their protective packaging until they are needed.
  • Semi – Critical:

    They are instruments that do not penetrate soft tissues or bone but contact with mucous membranes. Instruments, such as, mirrors, reusable impression trays,and amalgam condensers are sterilized by autoclave systems after each use.
  • Non – Critical:

    These are instruments that only contact with skin, such as, x-ray heads, blood pressure cuffs, and pulseoximeters, are cleansed by disinfectant processing. Our digital radiography allows us to see beyond the surface with clearest diagnostic images. It also helps reduce your radiation exposure by 70% (over traditional X-ray) everytime an X-ray is taken; it significantly reduces your waiting time.

Note: Processing Instruments - Critical and Semi-Critical instruments are sterilized after each use by an autoclave system. We use the ultrasonic cleanser system. Specialized detergent formulations are available for the

solutions in ultrasonic machines. Before sterilization or high-level disinfection, instruments would be cleaned so that any debris is removed. Enzymatic and non-enzymatic solutions are used to facilitate instrument cleaning.

Gloves, mask, blade, dental burs, suction, glass etc. are single use and changed after each use. The autoclave system (Spore Test) is conducted every five days. Packaging rinsed and dried instruments before sterilization protects them from contamination. Instruments are ISO Certified which only assures safe, qualitative, and best treatments by Dr. Dental Clinic.