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Tooth Color filling
Tooth Color filling in thailand

Tooth Color filling

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Tooth Color Fillings

Tooth colored fillings also called “White fillings or Composite fillings”. White fillings are chemically bonded to the teeth. For this reason, the placement of white fillings does not always require numbing the area that is being restored. Numbing (Anesthetizing) the area is often required if the tooth decay has progressed quite deep. Once the decay is removed, the filling material is then placed inside the tooth and hardened by curing with a curing light. Adjustment will be made if necessary, followed by smoothing, and relishing of your new filling.

Advantages of Tooth Colored Fillings:

  • They match closely with the natural tooth color and appearance
  • The bonding of white fillings to the tooth restore is 85-95% of the original strength of the tooth
  • They can be used for both front and back tooth without compromising esthetics
  • If damaged, it can be repaired

If the cavity or fractured area is quite large and deep, Inlays, Onlays, or Crown will be a better option for restoring the tooth. At Dr. Sunil Dental Clinic, Amalgam is no longer used because of the mercury in the Amalgam. Here, if the patient wants to replace their old Amalgam, our specialist will remove the old Amalgam with rubber dam and high power suction so that there is no chance of mercury going into the body of the patient.

The only disadvantages of Composite filling is after receiving a composite, patient may experience postoperative sensitivity which will surely disappear within 3-4 weeks time.

The cost of filling varies according to size and depth. Before our specialist starts with the filling, patient will be informed how many cavities will be treated and how much will it cost. White fillings can discolor with time. Patients should have regular check-up done every 6 month and an x-ray to monitor the old filling and detect new cavities so that it does not lead to Root Canal Treatment.

Many patients often ask why I have to fill the cavities since there is no pain yet. Cavities at initial stage will not give pain only if the decay reaches dentin layer or near to the pulp. So it is better to fix the decay better than going through lots of pain and complicated treatments.

Tooth Color Filling

External Oxygen supply

We will provide the patient with oxygen so they do not have to breathe the air directly over the mouth during amalgam removal. To manage this we will be using an oxygen mask and an oxygen regulator with pressurized oxygen. This is done to ensure the patient does not inhale any mercury vapor or amalgam particulate during the procedure.

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