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When Dr. Sunil graduated from University, his passion of conducting lab work initiated with a small dental lab having a few technicians to develop temporary plate, dentures, temporary crown & bridges, and single gold crown. Dentures were made by himself for his patients by placing each single tooth on wax according to patient satisfaction. Today the lab is opened 24 hours with a team of 60 well trained technicians, working 3 shifts a day which can produce handmade crowns & bridges in just a day and for many units crown & bridge per case will not take more than 3-5 days. We can guarantee that all products are tailored made to your special needs, shaped quickly and professionally, and accessible at reasonable prices. The customized result can be offered here at Dr. Sunil Dental Clinic.

Benefits of Dr. Sunil In-house Dental Laboratory

  • Quality Control by Dr. Sunil and his team of specialists
  • We have a dentist who specializes in lab work to monitor each crown, bridge, and denture in order to achieve the right color, shape and size.
  • Fast and efficient for International patients who have a limited time frame for the treatment because the more days you stay, the more money you would spend in accommodation and meals.
  • Instant correction and adjustment during your dental treatment
  • Final Glaze (Polish) on the Crowns & Bridges adjusting to your bite to give Perfect Anatomy of Crowns.
  • We update on new technologies, thus, when new porcelain grades or compounds are introduced, we can evaluate them and make them available to our patients as quickly as possible which saves time.
  • Perfect shade can be produced to match your natural tooth especially if patient have to do only one Crown on the front to match with the other tooth.
  • Full denture can be produced in only 3-4 days. Here with only 30 minutes, each appointment everyday and even Metal Frame Denture will not take more than 5 days.

The capability of our in-house lab includes almost all kinds of dentures, crown & bridge works, ceramic works, implant – related prostheses, orthodontic appliances, night guard and snoring guard, and many various dental gadgets. Dr. Sunil Dental Clinic has its inLab system and in-house production possibilities consequently placed significance on your dental technical proficiency. We provide high quality standard checks and controls, and are able to bring to each patient case extensive experience and supreme artistry. This makes our dental clinic more efficient and making sure the best possible results creates patient’s contentment with a pleasing smile.


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