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Safety Measures

As a critical essential service provider, Dr. Sunil Dental Clinic is still open and supporting our patients with their urgent dental needs. We have been following all the guidance from the Department of Disease Control, Thailand and local health authorities to ensure we have the right plans and resources in the place to safeguard your health and well being. We are committed to keeping our services up and running and at the same time strictly following all recommended infection control measures.

To prevent the spread of COVID 19 and for the maximum safety of our patients Dr. Sunil Dental Clinic has implemented the measures mentioned below:

  • All patients and their attendants are being screened with a non-contact thermometer immediately upon arrival for symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Pre-screening patients by making phone calls prior to their visit by inquiring about their recent travel history and current health. At the same time discouraging the patients to bring more than one attendant to the clinic.
  • Front desk staff is recommended to wear protective masks or respirators for there and for the protection of the patients. While attending a patient, our front desk staffs have been advised to maintain a distance from the patient.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting common areas like reception waiting rooms frequently, including door handles, chairs, and bathrooms. Magazines, books, and other items have been removed from the waiting room to discourage virus transmission.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer gels have been kept in the clinic waiting areas, to encourage our patients and staff to maintain proper hand hygiene. As the emphasis on proper hand hygiene is extremely important.
  • Frequently disinfecting each and every room of the clinic thoroughly. The operating area is also disinfected before and after every procedure.
  • Considering that airborne droplet transmission of infection is the main route of spread. Our Dentist and Nurses are using all Personal Protective Equipment such as disposable doctor cap, disposable surgical mask, protective goggles or face shield, disposable latex gloves for all treatments.
  • Patients and visitors should, ideally, be wearing their own face mask upon arrival to the facility. If not, they will be given a protective mask within the clinic premises.
  • To maintain social distancing and to avoid non-essential use of public transport, we are offering complimentary hotel/accommodation pick up and drop for all the patients by our frequently sanitized company cars.
  • If a patient is old or unable to travel for any reason, we can initially arrange a Video Consultation with our specialist (Charges applicable).
  • As an infection control precaution, we are encouraging maximum use of Disposable dental instruments. Non-disposable dental instruments are cleaned and sterilized by Auto Clave sterilization technology and appropriately stored following the Protocol.
  • The waste generated by the treatment of patients with (including disposable protective equipment after use) is transported to the temporary storage area of the clinic timely and at the day end disposed of permanently according to the Protocol.

We are closely monitoring the situations surrounding COVID-19 for the past few weeks and has been making all possible efforts to provide the best and the safest service possible to our patients.