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Dental Tourism in Bangkok
Dental Tourism in Thailand

Dental Tourism in Thailand

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The Progressive Dental Tourism by Dr. Sunil

Dr. Sunil is a premier dental clinic providing high quality dental tourism services for thousands of international patients worldwide. Dental tourism is a conception in which you can seek dental care in another country because of the low cost of care with high quality care. Tour packages are available to accommodate you if you are looking for an excellent dental care at affordable costs. Dental tourists travel from worldwide for treatment as the total cost at Dr. Sunil Dental care, meals, accommodation, free transportation and other expenses is less than the price of local care overseas. The origin of multicultural patients seeking dental treatment in Thailand is extremely diverse. Costs for dental care at host countries can be quite expensive; hence, interested patients from Australia, Europe and/or America can receive complete dental care that includes accommodation, free pick-up and leave from airport saving up to 70%. A dental vacation in Thailand is perfect if you are looking to combine your dental treatment with a reviving retreat in the land of smiles. Dentists and the staff at Dr. Sunil are highly proficient. Patients are treated by certified dentists who are also associated with several medical associations.

Moreover, patients get weeks and/or months of their work done within a week. Patients who are not familiar with specific medical facilities abroad can coordinate their treatment through medical travel intermediaries at Dr. Sunil Dental Care Clinic. We provide a world-class private health care facility built for patients with high quality standards. We advertise “all inclusive” travel packages that include dental procedures, hotel room reservations, side trips to tourist attractions and airline tickets. Patients who consider travelling for dental care can use the Internet to email our sales representatives and submit digital images finding out suitable prices and treatment packages.

Why Dr. Sunil International Dental Clinic?

Dr. Sunil Dental International Clinic is a distinctive dental clinic in Thailand with a team of fifteen certified professional Thailand dentists who have a passion for science of dental with art of cosmetic dentistry. Our goal is to provide optimal dental health within our state-of-the-art facilities in the relaxing environment. We have served thousands of clients all over the world including celebrities.

Patient assessments are conducted through the phone, taking flight details and free pick services are available with GPS system for patients with accommodation at the serviced apartments. Skyrocketing costs in the private medical system have placed health care beyond the means of people's income. Therefore, we provide the best dental care packages being affordable with accommodation and a travel delight.

Dr. Sunil Dental Clinic offers a smile makeover and full dental reconstruction within a week’s time saving up to 70% of costs for patients all inclusive from the patient’s home country. The clinic offers customized packages, best deals, consultations, treatment plan and promises a valuable service. We have thousands of satisfied clients and promise to keep up to our best quality standards.

Dental Tourism Packages Thailand

Dr. Sunil’s team of aesthetic dentists works compliantly:

  • Under the same in-house specialized laboratory to providing patient/s satisfaction per dental requests.
  • All instruments are autoclaved assuring high quality standards and safety for you and your family.
  • The entire clinic and instruments used are by ISO 9001:2008 certification by QAIC (Thailand) Co., Ltd promising the best dental care quality standard in Thailand.

Our specialized team of doctors is well spoken in several languages like English, Indian, Arabic, Japanese, and Thai. We also provide interpreters on request in languages like German, French, and Spanish. We also provide a wide range of dental services such as laser teeth whitening, dental implants, crown/porcelain veneers and bridges within 24 hours, bonding, gum lifts, aesthetic dentures, and tooth color fillings.

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