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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth Reconstruction can give you the natural restoration you have always wanted. Dr. Sunil with his artistic eye will perform the full mouth reconstruction...

Tooth Whitening

One of the most commonly requested procedures in our clinic is teeth bleaching/whitening which is a simple, effective and...

Porcelain Crown / Bridges


A bridge replaces a missing tooth by means of two, or more, crowns which are 'bridged' by an additional tooth over the site of the missing tooth...

Porcelain Veneer

Porcelain veneers are thin laminates of porcelain which are bonded to the tooth surface. Probably the most esthetic means for enhancing a smile...

Dental Implant

Before dental implants, we were limited in how we were able to replace missing teeth. Options included fixed bridges, which often required the reduction...

Gum Lift Procedure

The health and appearance of the gums play important roles in the general aesthetics of a smile. Whether in combination with other Cosmetic...

Tooth Color Fillings

Advances in biomaterial technology have made tooth colored fillings enter an era of absolute confidence in their physical properties as an improved alternative...

Aesthetic Dentures

Dentures are an inferior alternative for replacing missing teeth, however with careful planning and design of the prosthese a successful aesthetic...


Tooth Bonding is a relatively low cost, single-visit procedure whereby a layer of composite is 'bonded' to the surface of the tooth...

Dental Check-up

Get a high quality dental care services in Thailand at Dr.Sunil at reasonable price. With the given information prior to visiting...


Dr.Sunil Dental Clinic offers our customer with a guarantee for the best of dental treatment in Thailand!