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Dr. Padate
Implant Specialist

Oral health and hygiene plays an imperative role in anyone’s daily life. In 1989 Dr. Pradate achieved his degree in DDS from Chiangmai University. License Number (3509). He also attained a Diploma in Clinical Science (Maxillofacial Surgery) in 1993 from Mahidol University, and provided Residency training in Oral and Maxillofacial Program in 1998 at Mahidol University. Moreover, 1998 he also became part of the Board of Thailand Dental Council. He (Dental Implant Specialist) understands every detail and carefully incorporates tiny metal screws that are used to substitute the roots of missing teeth. He then provides sustenance for an artificial tooth, such as a ceramic crown (to supplant a single tooth) or an acrylic dental bridge (to supplant a complete dental arch) making the teeth look natural.

Dental implants are a vital part of contemporary dental care and an enduring resolution to lost teeth. His essential experience, as a Professor from 1990-1992 at the Surgery Department at Songklanakrin University; Professor at Chulalongkorn University in 1995 at the Surgery Department, and from 1998-2004 being a Professor at Mahidol University has offered valuable knowledge and experience as a Dental Implant Specialist. Being a spokesman for many International Companies and the Head of Maxillofacial Department from 1995-2004 in Samutprakarn Hospital has enhanced his expertise and a patient should not worry as Dr. Pradate will provide the best solution and offer options for a perfect dental hygiene.

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